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StartContract is a cloud-based platform providing contract management services for the entire lifecycle of a legal contract. The core service offerings of the platform include:

A Centralized Repository in the form of cloud storage to store all the data generated, stored and uploaded by the user to the platform. The stored data includes drafted contracts, customer and client contact information, supporting documents required by the contract and more. The data can be stored in a variety of convenient formats such as PDF, Word file, etc. which can also be converted to another format. The platform also provides tools to manage and organize the data into several categories and sub-categories as per the user requirement. A cloud-based storage repository has some inherent advantages. Firstly, the data is stored digitally and hence frees up space which would have otherwise been occupied with the physical copies of the documents. Not only are physical copies susceptible to damage from natural and environmental factors, it is difficult to look up vital information instantaneously at the time of urgency. One can easily search for the required documents using the search facility of the platform based on keywords. Second, updating or changing the contents of the documents is no longer a hassle as the changes get reflected for all the users or collaborating parties almost instantaneously. Third, the data stored in the cloud is secured using advanced encryption that safeguards it from unauthorized access and modifications. Fourth, the cloud storage provides the user the freedom to access data freely from a host of different devices such as smartphones, desktops, tablets etc. and from a wide geographical reach. The only requirement is internet connectivity and authorization credentials.

A Contract Drafting Service that allows users to draft legal contracts. This service has two modes, template-based contract drafting or customized contract drafting by expert legal counsel. For the template based contract drafting, there are several templates available for common and routine tasks such as non-disclosure agreements, putting up a house for rent, part-time employment and more. The user may simply choose the appropriate template, fill in their details and share them with the collaborating parties for digital signatures. The customized contract drafting mode can be opted for when the user’s requirement cannot be fulfilled by the templates, the terms and conditions are specific or complex, or the user lacks the professional level legal expertise required for drafting the contract. In such a case, a lawyer specializing in the relevant area is provided to the user for a nominal and affordable fee. Contracts drafted by experienced lawyers are fair for all the collaborating parties, are free from legal loopholes and leave no scope of misinterpretation for selfish means. This ensures that the drafted contract does not give rise to unfavorable situations or legal penalties in the future for either of the involved parties. 

A Contract Review service by legal counsel in the form of lawyers with several years of expertise in their legal domain. This service offering is aimed at those users who have sufficient knowledge of legal matters and simply require an unbiased review of their contracts’ drafts by an expert and experienced third party. For a simple example, modifying a non-disclosure contract applicable in India for a different country like . For availing this service, the user uploads the draft of a contract along with all the supporting documents required on the platform and asks for its review by an expert lawyer. The platform will assign a suitable lawyer for an affordable fee to review the documents and suggest changes in order to make the contract fair for all the parties and plug any legal loopholes which contain the potential for future exploitation. Once the review of the contract is completed and all the changes negotiated to the satisfaction of all the parties involved, the contract is ready to be signed and made legally enforceable. 

Apart from these core offerings, the platform offers several other useful features which enhance the users’ ease of access and user experience. These features include monitoring of signed contracts and generating notifications in advance as the contracts near their expiry date. The user can opt to renew the contract from the platform itself or allow is to lapse according to the individual requirement. Another feature provided by the platform is a set of tools to edit the PDF documents directly on the platform. This way a user will not have to resort to a third party software for his document editing requirements and the contract management can be done on the go. The platform also provides a feature for adding digital or electronic signatures to documents or contracts which are equal to physical signatures where admissible. This reduces the time required to complete the legal formalities for adopting a contract into practice. All these services and features provided by the platform under a single banner aim to provide an easy and intuitive way to manage contracts of varying scale and complexity.




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