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StartContract   caters their services to Businesses, both small and big and to Lawyers as well. The legal departments of various business entities are already burdened with all the paperwork and redrafting similar or same contracts for multiple clients is a very tedious process, and StartContract   is the solution to reduce this paperwork. No matter the size of the business, StartContract   has options that are suitable for all kinds of business depending on the need and requirement of each business. Whether you are a small business just starting out or a large establishment there is something for everyone. In addition to catering to business, start contract caters their services to lawyers as well, and help in managing contracts for all businesses.  Businesses like E-Commerce, Banking and Financial, Logistics, Manufacturers, Mobile Companies, can all avail the contract management services offered by us, to be able to manage all documentation without getting caught up in ton-loads of paperwork in respect of each transaction.

Small business or startups would find it beneficial to avail the services of StartContract   because we not only save templates of various contracts that are frequently used by startups and small business but we also assist in drafting contracts and saving the templates, in case they are needed in the future. In addition to this, we also provide a service where lawyers review the contracts drafted and suggest any changes that are to be made. It’s a one-stop solution and money and time need not be spent in hiring and consulting lawyers to go through the contracts or draft contract every time there’s a new transaction. The services that small businesses require can also be customized as per the needs and they offer a demo service as well for businesses that would like to experience the service before investing. Instead of spending time and money on drafting and getting the contracts reviewed, it could rather be spent on promoting the business. 

The major workload for legal associates in large establishments and big business entities is that they need to keep drafting new contracts for all the multiple transactions, they also need to keep a track of all the dates for termination or renewal of contracts and this becomes a cumbersome task when hundreds of transactions take place in these big businesses and entries on an excel sheet will not be of much help. In order to meet the workload, more legal associates will be hired by the company which would not only take more time but also becomes more expensive. Therefore availing the services offered by StartContract   will not only save money but also time and effort. This will expedite the transaction process as there are saved templates of contracts the big business will need, they only need to fill in the necessary information and make any changes if needed and the contract will be ready in no time. Plus keeping track of the deadlines for termination and renewal will also be taken care of by the services of StartContract  . Additionally, several accounts of employees of one organization can be created so that the documents that are created on StartContract   can be shared amongst all the employees and this creates transparency and makes it very convenient as everyone or those working on a particular project in the organization can have access to the necessary files. Managing multiple contracts in very less time not easy and on some occasions, there are bound be errors or one or two points might be overlooked, using StartContract   would overcome this problem. 

Lawyers work mostly involves a lot of documentation and most of his/her time is spent in drafting the necessary documents. Along with contracts they have many other documents to draft such as notices, representation, pleading, etc. Lawyers are generally hard pressed for time as they usually have so many deadlines to meet, like client meetings, researching to substantiate arguments for a case and preparing for the hearing, along with drafting. In between this, they are drafting contracts from scratch, which is very time-consuming. StartContract   helps in reducing this burden of drafting to the extent of contracts. With the various templates available they can prepare contracts within minutes by only filling and changing a few necessary information that varies from case to case or client to client, this saves a lot of time and effort and the time and effort saved can be used researching or preparing for arguments and even give time and attention to new clients. StartContract   has templates of various contract that lawyers might need, lawyers can further customize various services offered by StartContract   and benefit from the services rendered. This is more convenient than saving drafts on the computer or laptop because StartContract   has more storage space and rather than going through various files to find one draft, the same time can be used to easily find the template on StartContract   and prepare the contract in no time. They also have templates of various contracts, some of the drafts, which might not be drafted earlier by all lawyers. Therefore using StartContract   for contract management helps in reducing the workload of lawyers.  







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