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StartContract is a cloud-based platform offering Contract Management Services for the complete lifecycle of a legal contract. A legal contract goes through various stages before it is signed. These stages range from drafting, editing, sharing, negotiating, updating, reviewing and finally signing after which it becomes enforceable by law. Each stage of the contract’s lifecycle involves input from all the involved parties along with third-party legal counsel and thus creates a need for a platform that can collaborate with everybody involved in an efficient and timely manner. But that is not all. Several contracts are recurring in nature and need to be renewed periodically. As the number of contracts grows, so does the challenge of managing them seamlessly. The platform also provides the functionalities of a contract tracking software in where it provides notifications of contracts that are expiring in the near future and a reminder to renew them according to the user requirement. Moreover, StartContract also provides its users with access to unbiased third-party legal counsel in the form of a legal team comprising of experienced lawyers who review the contracts, before they are signed, on demand from the user. The platform aims to simplify the management and tracking of legal contracts at various scales while also providing on-demand legal counsel. 

Shant Berwal founded StartContract in the year 2017 with the mission of providing a state-of-the-art yet an affordable technological solution for budding startups, emerging enterprises, and growing businesses. StartContract helps several parties form a legal contract out of an agreement to perform a service or provide some goods. A user can log in to the platform with his account and start drafting a new contract. There are several templates available to choose from which can be tailored to the requirement. The draft can then be shared with all the involved parties asking for their reviews or consent. The collaborating parties can use the platform to negotiate the various terms and conditions of the contract via comments. The conversation can also be carried out in the form of a trail of emails. One can also ask for a review of a contract by a lawyer which will be made available accordingly. Once finalized, the contract can be sent to all the parties for their digital signatures. After a contract is signed and in effect, the platform tracks it throughout its lifetime. It provides notifications in advance when a contract is about to expire and provides an option for renewing it. All contracts made and managed using the platform are stored online in the cloud storage. This provides a layer of robust security to the confidential user data and prevents access by unauthorized personnel. The cloud also provides improved ease of access and mobility to the user as it becomes accessible via a wide range of internet-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops and more. It is also easier to carry out inspections of the contracts as each and every step in the progress of the contract is logged in a chronological and organized manner. In addition to the contract management services, StartContract also provides a suite of PDF editing tools. Users can edit their PDF documents and sign them electronically.

The diverse functions and features of the platform help in reducing the financial cost, the time is taken and complexity of collaboration between the involved parties. Since all the contracts and related documents are stored online in an organized manner, it is easy to search for it at a later time without going through several emails and Excel sheets or turning the hard-drive inside out every time. The option to seek legal counsel from experienced lawyers can ensure that the drafted contracts are foolproof, do not have any loopholes and leave no room for misinterpretations by any of the involved parties for selfish reasons. A legal contract once voluntarily signed becomes enforceable by law and hence actionable in the Court. Thus it is advised that a party is thoroughly aware of all the terms and conditions of a contract before signing up for it. Last but not the least, the offerings of the platform are highly customizable and can be tailored to suit the needs of a user. StartContract is ideal for professions involving rigorous paperwork like businesses who can use it for customer contract management in and lawyers who require template based contracts on a regular basis for their clients. A potential user of the platform can handpick and select the features he wants from the wide range of the platform’s offerings and sign up for a package that is suitable for his needs. This allows the user to pay per feature instead of paying for the entire cost of services to make the platform personalized and affordable at the same time. 

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